Month: June 2016

Real Estate Licence Is Needed To A Property Business in Australia

Have you just completed the real estate course and you can’t wait to jump into the industry to materialize your education? Keep in mind you must have real estate license to work as real estate agent in Queensland. Queensland has elaborate laws to deal with property matters and not everyone can enter the business. It’s not as difficult as it seems and we can help you through it.

Apart from the fact that most providers of real estate courses will promise the most lucrative career of real estate agent, information about licensing is not often given, which results in heavy fines as one starts the career. Licensing issues count for some of the highest failed deals and is the biggest problem in Queensland property industry. Most agents do not consider it important until the law gets hold of them. We specialize in licensing and all matters related to it in the property industry as we want you to have a successful take off after your studies. We not only understand the property law in Queensland but also know how to get real estate license for starters. We will guide you through each and every step of getting the property agent business running.

Benefits of License

The property law of Queensland is very elaborative and clearly defines what is allowed with the property license in hand. According to law only the license holder can own or manage real estate agency. The buying, selling or renting of any property including house, land and business can only be done by a license holder.

If one has no property license, one cannot even show the property to potential buyers as it is against the law. This license not only allows one to negotiate on behalf of the buyer, seller or landlord but also allows one to inspect and assess the property for sale. It is often found that real value of the property is not reflected in the asking price by the owner, and the inability of the agent to access it beforehand lets many prospective customers to just walk away with the fact that property is overvalued in their mind.

It allows the agent to collect the rent on behalf of the landlord as well as operate a trust account on behalf of sellers and buyers. This means that after getting this license, one can manage large property portfolios single-handedly. Although property ads are a common way to attract the prospective customers and a large part of industry uses this medium to rent and sell the properties, it should be noted that all those advertisers who do not have licenses can be sued.

According to government authorities, many people face the law enforcement agencies due to the fact that they had put a sign for renting or selling the property without the license. Moreover, managing an apartment complex is the job for which agent is often hired and paid a large amount. This not only lessens the profitability of the apartment complex but keeps the property out of owner’s hand, as apart from the fact that he has heavily invested in the property but he is paralyzed with the help of an agent. This property license gives landlords and owners the freedom to manage their properties themselves. After getting this license, owners can not only manage but can also sell any units individually if they get a lucrative offer.

You Can Do it Yourself

This license is a must, even if one is not involved in the property business directly but has a significant number of properties. It is the necessity of time and law of Queensland. We expect that laws will be stricter in Queensland in future and license is the form of authorization from the government to deal in property and related matters. The importance of the license in the property sector can be measured from the fact that property or real estate businesses see a 70% to 80% increase in profits after getting the license. Losses and bad debts also drop significantly as when one is authorized by the government to transact a business, it issues a warning to fake buyers and fraudulent dealers to keep a distance as legal action can be easily taken. The property license is the gateway towards becoming a professional.

Our Experience

We have been helping professionals to get licenses for many years and our experience along with contacts in the industry will help you get best insights and launch a successful application to get this license. Our problem and solution unit is the best to help you if you have already launched an application and have failed once due to unidentified reason. We specialize in identifying the reason and helping you through a correct application process and ensure that the application is successful. Our lean structure helps clients to build a healthy and friendly relationship with our team and thus any queries can be solved without much effort. We have successfully helped many executive officers of corporations with insolvent licenses to get their licenses back. We also provide services to who were previously rejected due to some shortcoming in the application.

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criterion for attaining this property license is simple. It requires 18 years of age and education in real estate. There is no restriction regarding the institute from which you must have attained this education and no restriction on the marks you may have attained. It is as easy as it possibly can so go ahead, acquire this property license and get your business started with pride and confidence under the government issued a license.

What Are You Waiting For?

There is no other business which has been made so easy with the help of one license only. It is an opportunity to earn profits without any hassle. With the right experience and professional attitude, we can help you attain this license in a very affordable price and with the urgency it deserves.

real estate courses
real estate coursess

We know the importance of time and transparent proceedings and thus we have professionally divided the procedure into easy and transparent steps. Our professional team is always there to solve your problems and can be reached by phone or email.

The Global Impact of Kindness

QUTs eighth Rhodes Scholar is justice graduate Harriet Horsfall.

Queensland’s 2016 Rhodes Scholar, Harriet Horsfall, believes great leadership should be based on kindness, tenacity, and even vulnerability.

Ms Horsfall, who completed her Bachelor of Justice [Honours] in 2014, is QUT’s eighth Rhodes Scholar and the fifth in the past six years.

Currently Working as an associate lecturer with QUT, she will head to the University of Oxford’s Department of International Development later this year to study a Master of Science in Global Governance and Diplomacy.qut oxford

Her Oxford degree will build upon her experience in international volunteering and non-government organisations [NGOs]- and also the personal traits she believes are essential for leaders.

“My Rhodes Scholarship will put me in an incredible position to practise kindness, tenacity, and vulnerability in an even bigger way,” she said.

“I think one of the big problems with a lot of leaders in various spaces is we don’t get to see that person’s emotions a lot of the time.

“Vulnerability and strength are not mutually exclusive concepts. Just because you show people that you’re vulnerable and having trouble doesn’t mean that you’re not also an incredibly strong person.”

Social justice is a huge motivator for Ms Horsfall.

She has worked with homeless and at-risk young people in Brisbane and is part of the local LGBTIQ community.

Last year she travelled to Iran and Indonesia after turning down a job offer in Canberra.

Instead, she “couch surfed- across Iran for a portrait photography project aimed at evoking public discussion on women’s empowerment, and then headed to Indonesia as a volunteer development advisor.

During her degree, she also spent her uni holidays managing volunteer programs in Cambodia and Nepal and worked as a volunteer teacher in Nepal.

Ms Horsfall hopes her next journey to Oxford will build on her experiences and help her forge a career in global social justice.

“I hope to contribute to a global culture of leadership around critical NGO program evaluation and innovation,” she said.

“I want to foster a culture of strong NGO governance and evaluation that challenges the notion that ‘good is always good’.

“This will maintain my interest in NGO governance that I covered in my honours thesis on anti-human trafficking NGO ideology at the India/Nepal border.”

QUT’s Rhodes Scholar Harriet Horsfall in Tehran, Iran (left), on Rote Island, Indonesia (below left) and Queensland Governor Paul de Jersey congratulating Harriet (below right).

Learn Web Design The Right Way

Hi, I’m Ian Lloyd and I want to tell you a bit about my book, Build Your Own Web Site the Right Way Using HTML and CSS. It’s a book for the absolute beginner who wants to do things properly, who wants to become truly skilled, rather than throw together a website for the sake of having one. Does that sound like what you’re after? Then either read on or watch the YouTube clip below which will tell you all you need to know:

Quick note: I did the video below for the release of the 2nd edition. As of yet, I’ve not had a chance to do an updated version for the 3rd edition! Something to do with being a bit busy with twins on the way. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it ?

Why this book is different from the rest

The difference, as it states on the front cover, is that it’s done the right way.

“Oh yeah, that’s what you would say,” I can hear you saying.

The thing is, there really are a lot of books out there that have been in print for many years now and have been peddling some very old-hat techniques, but you as a beginner would not know this. Conversely, there are also a number of excellent books aimed at intermediate to semi-professional people that teach things the right way (but they require that basic grounding to begin with that is hard to find). Unfortunately the pattern for many people new to the game has been something like this:

Learn web design from a beginners book, get taught the basics along with some nasty old code that should have been ditched a few years ago
Discover that there are such things as ‘web standards’ and realise that they’ve been taught things that go against those standards
Try to unlearn many things that they spent time and money on learning
Only then can they understand the error of their ways (not their fault – the books were to blame) and can then move on to the excellent intermediate/semi-pro books I mentioned
In this book, you won’t be taught any of that nasty old markup – I cover only the good stuff and promise that if you stick to the advice there, you’ll be in great shape to learn the more advanced stuff later at a much quicker pace.

Learn from a proven and trusted source

This book was originally published in March 2006 and has sold over 25,000 copies which, if you had the inclination to stack one on top of the other, would be taller than the Empire State Building. It’s been a consistent seller with consistently great feedback and so has been released in a Second Edition.

What’s changed in the second edition

Well, you’ve heard the old saying “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”? It’s very true! For this edition, the changes have been mainly around updating screen shots to show current browsers (IE8 instead of IE7, Firefox 3 instead of Firefox 1) and operating systems (Windows Vista rather than XP). The main significant changes are:

The chapter on form handling (converting form data to email) has been changed to use a different, and better, form-handling service
The section on adding statistics to your web site now uses the much more fully-featured Google Analytics rather than Stat Counter
The book no longer has an HTML reference at the end of the book (as this has now been split out into its own book with much more detail and is also available as a free-to-use online reference)