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Of course, I'm bound to say good things about my own book, but it's much more rewarding when other skilled and well-known web design experts sing its praises. Here's just a selection of what others have to say about Build Your Own Web Site the Right Way using HTML and CSS:

What Andy Clarke thinks of the book

I asked Andy if he'd say a few words about Build Your Own Web Site the Right Way Using HTML and CSS; he gave this book to his son, Alex, when the first edition came out so that he could learn all about what his dad does for a living. Andy says it gave Alex the 'perfect grounding'. Here's what he had to say in full:

Andy Clarke here, the design type chap behind Stuff and Nonsense and For a Beautiful Web. I'd like to say a few words about my good friend Ian Lloyd's book Build Your Own Web Site the Right Way Using HTML and CSS. Now, I gave this book to my son Alex a couple of years ago when he was at a loose end and he wanted to learn a little bit about the kind of stuff that I do every day, and it gave him the absolute perfect grounding in understanding HTML elements and attributes, when to use them, how to use them most appropriately. And I think that for anyone who's starting off on the web or even if you're looking for a bit of a refresher, if you're very technical or very creative and you wanna focus back on the fundamentals of good quality HTML and CSS then this is the perfect place to start, and I can highly recommend it. Build Your Own Web Site the Right Way Using HTML and CSS by Ian Lloyd.

Andy Clarke, Web Desiger, For A Beautiful Web and Stuff and Nonsense

The Rissington Podcast chaps recommend my book

What ho, chaps! Those spiffing gentlemen over at RAF Rissington, home of the fine Rissington Podcast, had some jolly decent things to say about this lovely book. Yes, Mr Hicks and Mr Oxton thought this book was a ripping good read which should be in the satchel of any young chap or fine filly wishing to learn how to build one of those gosh-darn fancy web site thingamajigs. I should coco!

There now follows a public service announcement on behalf of the Rissington Podcast.

Jon: Hello, welcome to this one-off special edition of the Rissington Podcast. My name is Jon Hicks. this, over here, is John Oxton.

John: Hello!

Jon: Hello! We're just gonna cover one question in this podcast, cos it's one we get asked quite a lot, and it's from our old mate Fido Gesiwuj.

John: [Chuckling in background]

Jon: So, Fido asks: "I was wondering if you could recommend a book to give to someone who's never created a web site. The thing is, I don't want them to go down the old school route, I want them to learn HTML and CSS from the outset. Is there something that can take a newbie like him through it all?

John: It just so happens .. [laughs] ... that we have the very book right here! Is that a real question? Did that really come from a Fido Gessywidge?

Jon: It says 'love and snogs, your mate Fido'

John: Oh, it must be true. Well, we do have ... there's a couple I could recommend but I'm going to recommend my friend Ian's book ... holding it up here now for the camera: Build Your Own Web Site the Right Way Using HTML and CSS. This is your copy actually, Mr Hicks

Jon: Yes, it is.

John: 'cos I gave mine away to a friend who was trying to learn websites, had a flick through and was like: "This!" And he really liked it I think because it's nice simple language ...

Jon: Yes

John: ... and not too patronising

Jon: Nothing kind of assumed before you start reading it

John: No. So, it's good

Jon: Excellent!

John: I think this teaches you how to build web sites not design them, how to build them properly.

Jon: Yeah, but how to do it right from the start rather than ...

John: Yes

Jon: Excellent! So there you go, Fido. And I think, is that in the second edition now?

John: Er, should be. I'm sure Ian said the second edition is coming or is here now.

Jon: Updatier, shinier

John: Yes. Greener. Bluer. Redder. Lovely. Sexier. OK

Jon: Thank you very much and see you on the next Rissington Podcast.

John: Goodbye!

Jon: Goodbye!

Jon Hicks and John Oxton of The Rissington Podcast: "Gardener's Question Time for the web"

Paul Boag's review of the book's first edition

Boagworld is a long-running podcast covering web design, building and maintenance issues. When the first edition of Build Your Own Web Site (etc etc) came out, Paul Boag reviewed it saying that it was a "really really good read, highly recommend it". Here's a slightly edited version of the original review:

It's called Build Your Own Web Site the Right Way Using HTML and CSS. It's a book aimed at people starting out in web design. I'm forever getting asked "Where should I start in web design?" and this book I would heartily recommend now that I've had a look through it. It really is exceptionally good. It really does make no assumptions whatsoever about web knowledge, so for example right at the beginning it explains what a browser is. [Marcus interjects: "Right, cool"]. Very! I think that's really cool. It also doesn't assume you have a massive budget to buy loads of software, all of the software that it recommends in here is freeware.

It takes you through the process of creating a bare-bones web page, just HTML ... it then talks about how to apply some basic CSS on top of that. It then goes into a bit more detail about CSS, how to control layout, positioning and that kind of thing. It looks at things like forms, tables, how to use them, how to do them properly. It shows you how to get your website online, which is the hosting stuff that we were talking about and the different options. It also looks at some of the key stuff that you might be interested in as a website owner, for example blogs, how to post your own stuff on websites very simply, so it gets you going with blogs which is excellent as well. It looks at some of the free tools that are out there, the kind of things that you might find useful like search, how to add search to your site for free, how to get going with website statistics for free, how to understand that kind of thing. It also suggests additional learning , where you go next. So, it's a really really good read, highly recommend it.

Paul Boag, Boagworld.com Web Design Podcast, winner of.Net Magazine's Best Podcast, 2008

Web designer Dave McNally says it's the 'perfect first step on the ladder'

Dave is a relative beginner in the world of web design, but a darn fine one all the same. What would he recommend to newcomers who wanted to learn how to create a web site? Well, the same book that he used when he was just setting out. Can you guess which book that might be then?

The thing about this book is that it doesn't just set out to get you making a web page. A lot of the other beginner books are pretty much a tutorial on making your first site. This book not only teaches you on a step-by-step basis, but it also explains the process and why you should be doing things a certain way. And so it provides that perfect first step on to the ladder of web design.

People I've recommended the book to have always commented on how simple it was to follow. Some of these people have never planned on working in the web industry but simply wanted to be able to create their own personal sites and not have to pay others to do it for them. So in that regard the book becomes a worthy investment, even if you only plan on making your own site.

Dave McNally, Web Designer

What customers of the first edition have said

And finally, to round off the soundbites from the people in the know above, here is a small selection of comments from the readers who have given feedback to SitePoint about the first edition of the book:

Each line below is from a different commenter on SitePoint.com, taken from the reader feedback page

May be the best technical book I've read in 30+ years of application development.

One of the best books on the market. I wish I had found this book years ago before I got started with HTML

What an awesome book!

This book is very useful and very easy for me to understand. It gave me a good understanding of web site building and kept my interest!

The book had my business site up in no time. The way Ian explained everything in the book it was almost like sitting next to a personal tutor.

Thanks again SitePoint (and particularly Ian) for making learning web design not just fun but affordable

Real customer comments from SitePoint customers

And the good reviews just keep on coming! Check out some of the other comments that the book received when it was first published here.

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"Having a book that I can recommend to absolute beginners is a real boon, and not something that's really existed before ... beginner's books tend to be dominated by bad code and "if it works it's okay" attitudes, so it's great to see one that's got a proper focus and teaches things the right way."

James 'Brothercake' Edwards

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